Writing Portfolio

Here, you can find links out to some of the best of Bryan's writing, organized by outlet or by subject. Currently, Bryan writes a column for Baseball Prospectus and heads up the site's transaction coverage; previously his work has appeared at several other respected outlets including MLB Advanced Media's Sports On Earth, Fox Sports' Just A Bit Outside, FanGraphs' RotoGraphs, and Vox Media's SBNation.com.

Liner Notes at Baseball Prospectus

Learning and Baseball

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McEwing Score

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The Forgotten Frank Ernaga

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The "Opener"

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Statistics and Sabermetrics

Bryant as the Next Zobrist

Ben Zobrist

Don't Use OPS

Nolan Arenado

WAR Index (WARi)


Wagner's Case for the HoF

Billy Wagner

Transaction Analysis

Dan the Man

Dan Johnson

Just a Guy(s)

Bobby Parnell

Closed For Breakfast

Billy Butler

Wieters Facts, Recalibrated

Matt Wieters

New York Mets

2015 and Ghosts

David Wright 1

2016 Wild Card Game

Madison Bumgarner

Travis d'Arnaud Projection

Travis d'Arnaud

Wright and The Crane Wife

David Wright 2

Boston Red Sox

Dewey Evans' Consistency

Dwight Evans

Jason Varitek's Defense

Jason Varitek

Vazquez and Catcher TJS

Christian Vazquez

A Year in Red Sox Nation

Dustin Pedroia