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Bryan is a regular contributor to Baseball Prospectus, one of the internet's most valued and respectable baseball writing outlets. In addition to leading the site's Transaction Analysis coverage, Bryan writes a column for the site and co-hosts BP's bi-weekly podcast. You can visit Baseball Prospectus to read all of Bryan's recent work–and purchase a subscription there as well–but you can read some of Bryan's favorite/best articles through the links below.

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The GM Trade Game

New York Mets

"So, the Mets open up the corners for young talents like Dominic Smith to get regular time through the end of the season, and pick up a super-utility guy with a chance, a near-term fourth outfielder, a fifth starter, a flyer, and two likely up-and-down Triple-A infielders."

Transaction Analysis

A Gunslinger in Hollywood

"Armed with a half-dozen plus pitches and unwavering confidence, he was his team’s biggest advantage in every game he pitched and a threat to strike out even the baddest of hitters. I’ll put it even more bluntly: he was the greatest pitcher in Rangers history, and now he’s off to Los Angeles to seek even greater fame and fortune as part of the team that’s most likely to come out of the 2017 season with the Commissioner’s Trophy."

On Instructional Design and Baseball

Liner Notes

Welcoming Instructional Design into Player Development

"By casting an analytical eye on what goes into player development, new avenues of success could open up. Finally cracking just a piece of the player development code—can we find a systematic way to improve player skills across a significant sample?—could be a very big thing, especially for the first team to find a way to make it work."

Prospectus Feature

Bloom's Taxonomy and the Domains of Baseball Learning

"In essence, the taxonomy breaks down the different types of learning that take place into three major domains: Cognitive, Psychomotor, and Affective. By breaking the types of learning into domains such as these—as well as their associated sub-domains—we can create objectives, learning events, and evaluations that actually target specific skills and ensure that the desired learning/training/improvement takes place."

Mix It Up!

Liner Notes

The Padres and an Opening Gambit

"Perhaps [Trevor] Cahill is the linchpin to a bold strategy that could do just that: using a one- or two-inning relief pitcher to begin a game before turning it over to the 'starter.' For years, I’ve advocated for a team (or teams) to give this a try, dubbing the relief-pitcher-in-the-beginning-of-the-game role the 'opener,' a bookend to the end-of-game closer."

Liner Notes

The McEwing Score (2017)

"McEwing Score–McE for short–is a representation of a player’s positional flexibility over the course of a regular season, turned into a number between 20 and 101. Named after fondly-remembered multi-positionalist (and current White Sox third base coach) Joe McEwing, McE is a simple count-and-add metric. It’s fun, but not all that deep, rather like a kiddie pool or a Reel Big Fish album."